Welcome to Serendipity Wellness Center

Dr. Robert Strayhan

Serendipity Wellness Center offers care that covers/addresses the patients' needs on an individual basis, considering the psychological, physiological and spiritual aspects of their being as clinically indicated.

Dr. Robert Strayhan provides quality integrative psychiatric care utilizing a traditional allopathic track as well as a more complementary track. The traditional allopathic method is focused on pharmacological treatment and traditional forms of psychotherapy. The alternative pathway focuses on wellness by incorporating (but not necessarily limiting itself to) exercise, meditation therapy, spiritual growth, development of gratitude, Naikan therapy, Morita therapy, stress management therapy, fostering forgiveness, use of herbal/natural preparations and the development of resilience.

In Office Services:

  • Laboratory assessment including P450 genetic testing and preventive health labs
  • Problem focused neurology exams
  • CNSVS computerized neuropsychiatric screening
  • ADHD Quotient testing
  • Millinium PGT genetic screening