Fees for Services

At Serendipity Wellness Center, we recognize that the "business of medicine" can often seem to take precedence over the needs of the patient. Dr. Strayhan recognizes that the cost of living can often be high and that medical costs can often present a challenger to many individuals and their families. With that in mind, Serendipity Wellness Center seeks to set fees for service so that care can be accessible to the general public. As such, there is a two fold approach to the provision of care to patients. The difference in the fees charged to those individuals who utilize a 3rd party payer/ insurance payer is due to the additional overhead costs incurred when Serendipity office staff file claims, verify insurance, accomplish prior authorizations (if necessary) or perform other administrative duties required by the insurance companies in order for reimbursement to occur.

For patients who choose the traditional allopathic pathway the following fees for service, per session, apply and are billed to the 3rd party payer/insurer:

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation- $300
Medication Management (15 minutes)- $100
Medication Management (30 minutes)- $150
Individual Psychotherapy (30 minutes)- $150
Individual Psychotherapy (45-60 minutes)- $175
Individual Psychotherapy with medication management (30-45 minutes)- $200
Review of records and specialty referral- $100

Initial Integrated psychiatric evaluation- $200
Integrative Medication Management (15 minutes)- $75
Integrative medication Management (30 minutes)- $100
Relaxation Therapy (15 minutes)- $75
Relaxation Therapy and Guided Imagery (15 minutes)- $100
Integrative Psychotherapy utilizing Naikan, Morita, Interpersonal therapy alone or in combination based on clinical assessment (45-60 minutes)- $125

In depth Instruction/evaluation for breathing, movement therapies, exercise prescription or meditation therapy all will occur in a face to face encounter onsite at Serendipity Wellness Center. As these services are generally not covered by 3rd party payers/insurers, the payment will be made by cash, check, or credit card at the time services are delivered. The fees for such services delivered on site are as follows:

Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription (45 minutes)- $125
Meditation Therapy (20 minutes)- $25
Guided Breathing Instruction, based on Russian Principles (20 minutes)-$25
"Moving with Life" Instruction, involving Russian principles for developing Body Intelligence (30-45 minutes)-$50

Optional Services and Fees

For an additional fee, limited access to Dr. Strayhan, via e-mail is an added treatment option. An individual may feel the need to have more contact with Dr. Strayhan between sessions if non-emergent (minor side effects of medications, questions about therapy sessions) therapeutic questions become an issue of concern.

This optional service is available to each individual regardless of whether they utilize the traditional allopathic pathway or the integrative pathway. there is no contract or membership required for this optional service and may be terminated within 30 days of paying the fee. The fee will not be made on an automatically renewing basis unless the individual utilizing the service gives written permission via email to the Serendipity office to do so. E-mail communications will not be used as a substitute for scheduled and more in depth therapies. The e-mail communications should not be used for the management of emergency situations. For situations that represent emergencies, whether primarily psychological or physiological, the individual should report to the nearest emergency.

Psychiatric emergencies include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • 1.Thoughts an/or behaviors that have the potential of being dangerous to the physical and/or mental well being of the individual
  • 2. Thoughts and/or behaviors that have the potential of being dangerous to the physical and/or mental well being of others
  • 3. Reactions to the prescription medications or herbal preparations that have resulted in impaired breathing, hives, rapid heart rate, body swelling or swelling of the general body of body parts.

The services offered and the associated fees are as follows:
E-mail contact (up to 2 e-mails/24 hours, for one month, if needed)- $100/month

If the individual is utilizing the telepsychiatry service, then payment should be made prior to a scheduled appointment, utilizing a credit card. If the individual is seen at the Serendipity Wellness Center physical site, then the payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card prior to the next scheduled appointment.